Meeting Minutes Template in Basic Format

A meeting can be a big deal, but a meeting can also be quickly forgotten. This is where meeting minutes come in. Through the help of this basic meeting minutes template, anyone can take meeting minutes that are easy to understand, and that are helpful when you’ve forgotten details of the meeting that you hosted or attended.

This basic meeting minutes template includes space for a title of the meeting, as well as the date that the meeting took place. This template includes a lot of space for the details of the meeting and the discussions that happened at the meeting. This meeting minutes template is powered by as we are not associated to them. Please read and respect their terms of use before download this template.

Meeting Minutes Template by Dotxes,

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You can download this template Here


Tips for using a basic meeting minutes template:

  1. Always include the name of the person who submitted the minutes in the space provided at the bottom of the page.
  2. Fill in each of the points that was discussed, and the conclusions that came about.
  3. Be detailed in everything that you include in a minutes page.
  4. Print multiple copies of the meeting minutes and hand them out to all who are interested.

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