Invoice Receipt Template


Invoice is a formal document in which all details about product or items are written.

The invoice includes:

  • Company’s name and address
  • Contact details
  • Time and date of transaction
  • Price of items/products
  • Other relevant information


Receipt is a bill or payment of the customers. It contains all the information about that products of shipment for which you have paid.

Receipt tells about the method of payment that payment is done either by the credit cards, debits card or cash.

Purpose of invoice and receipts:

Organizations and corporations use invoice and receipts when the order is delivered to the contractors by them. Through the invoice and receipts records of the transactions are kept.

How to make invoice receipts?

In offices cashier and accountant fill up the receipts with the help of system and take print out of it. For the convenience of user many software are designed. By using this specially designed software one can make invoice and receipts easily. On the computer with software invoice receipt can make. But one more way to make invoice receipt is the use of invoice receipt template.

Invoice receipt template:

Use of invoice receipt template is an efficient way to make invoice receipt properly.

These invoice receipt templates are pre-designed receipts and invoices. A website provides templates of various designs and formats. You may also need to visit a post on free invoice template.

How to use template?

  • Dealing with invoice receipt is very easy. All the instructions are given on the website from where you find it.
  •  Firstly preview the all invoice receipt template.
  • Select most suitable one.
  •  Download link is given beneath the template, from there download template.
  •  Fill all the necessary details.
  • Customize it. Follow the instructions if there is any confusion.
  • Before saving double check it than save and take print of it.

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