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Any family or individual who has ever moved to a new location know the importance of keeping track of the items they are taking with them.

The same is true for any person or company involved in shipping. Everyone moving treasured possessions or retail store merchandise will find the Packing List Template to be a valuable tool.

Built n the Microsoft Excel format, the template offers many obvious features such as items being prepared for shipping, the quantity, identifying carton number and the ability to code by color.

The names of the fields could be changed to accommodate a particular company or organization. A column of boxes on the left side of the template will allow items to be color coded.

By color coding, the carton can be identified as being a part of a particular group such as men’s or women’s clothing. The identification can go a step further and indicate the type of clothing in the carton.

The packing list template can be used for preparing orders and used again to make certain that the correct boxes are going to the proper locations.

With this level of detail used to identify the cartons the customer will be able to determine that he has received the correct shipment. He can also note if any items were not shipped.

Again, since the template is built on the Excel platform, any specialized alternations that may be needed to identify items in a shipment or to deliver to multiple locations of a business in the same city.

By using the template, the packing list becomes more than a piece of paper attached to or stuffed in a box. It becomes a method for tracking the packing. shipping and and delivery of virtually all types of items. This template is by listtemplate.net, for another daily to do list template visit them.

ListTemplate.net © 2014 - All rights reserved.

ListTemplate.net © 2014 – All rights reserved.

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